Articles about analysis of various file formats.

How to decode MIDI Sysex files

While MIDI is a standard for certain music files there's a number of manufacturer-specific extensions. This article is about the MIDI System Exclusive (Sysex) file format

How to decode the Linux EXT2 file system

A basic EXT2 grammar that allows to decode parts of the Linux EXT2 file system.

Compute Fluke ROM signatures (with a little help of ChatGPT)

How to compute signatures of Fluke 9010A and 9100 ROM files within Synalyze It! Pro and Hexinator. The script was largely created by ChatGPT by converting from an existing C function

What is the BMP file format used by many image file viewers? How can this bitmap image file format invented by Microsoft be viewed?

The BMP file format, also known as the Bitmap Image File format, is a type of image file format used to store digital images. BMP files are widely supported and can be viewed on most computers and many mobile devices. The BMP file format stores a bitmap image as a grid of pixels, where each pixel is represented by a color value. BMP files can be uncompressed or compressed using a lossless compression algorithm called RLE (Run Length Encoding). BMP files are relatively simple and are widely supported, but they are generally larger in size than other image file formats, such as JPEG and PNG.

How to decode Apple Binary Property List files

Learn here about how Apple's Binary Property List file format works.

How to decode the GIF image file format

The structure of GIF image files and how to decode them.

How to decode the ICC profile file format

ICC color profiles and how to decode them

How to read PCAP-NG Files generated by TCPDUMP

Learn here how to decode network dumps generated by the TCPDUMP tool and how the PCAP-NG file format can be analyzed.

Luac Decompiler based on Synalyze It! grammar

The LUAC file format created by the Lua compiler and how to decode this file format.

BSON files decoded

Learn here how BSON (Binary JSON) files are created

Grammars for Shapefiles

The file format specifics and how to decode the Shapefile file formats.

HyperCard Stacks Decoded

The HyperCard file format, made popular by Apple in 1987, and how to decode it.

What is Reverse Engineering?

The term reverse engineering can mean very different things. Learn here about the different applications.

Rescue of a WAV file

What can you do when you have an WAV audio file if it can't be opened. Knowledge about the WAV file format and how to repair it.